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Name:Postwar guro fantasia
Website:Wikipedia's page on Natsuhiko Kyogoku
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Community description:natsuhiko kyogoku novels and their adaptations
A community dedicated to the novels of Natsuhiko Kyogoku, and to the various adaptations thereof.

Kyogoku writes novels centering around myths of youkai (Japanese monsters/demons/etc.) and is known for his psychological horror style of writing. His first novel, Ubume no natsu, has been released in English by Vertical as The Summer of the Ubumeand is the first book in his Kyogokudo series, about an atheist exorcist and his circle of friends in postwar Japan. The second novel in the series, Mouryou no Hako ("Box of Mouryou") has been adapted into an anime with character designs by CLAMP, which has been fansubbed.

One of his other series, Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari, has been adapted into an anime of the same name, released in English as Requiem from the Darkness. His science fiction novel Loup-garou kihisubeki ookami has also been published in the U.S as Loups-Garous.

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akihiko chuzenji, alternate character readings, anime, atheism, atsuko chuzenji, bitches be crazy, body horror, buddhism, clamp, dosukoi, dosukoi kari, dosukoi yasu, dualism, enokizu, heads in boxes, horror, hyakkitsurezurebukuro, hyakkiyagyou, jami no shizuku, jorougumo no kotowari, kibashu, konjakuzokuhyakki, kousetsu hyaku monogatari, kyogokudo, kyoko kuonji, kyoukotsu no yume, let's talk about this for a couple of hours, loup-garou kihisubeki ookami, loups-garous, mad scientists, manga, modern japanese lit, momosuke, moryo no hako, mouryou, mouryou no hako, natsuhiko kyogoku, nochi no kousetsu hyaku monogatari, nozoki koheiji, nuribotoke no utage, onmoraki no kizu, onmyoudo, post-war japan, psychological horror, reijiro enokizu, requiem from the darkness, ryoko kuonji, saki no kousetsu hyaku monogatari, shinto, shujiro kiba, tatsumi sekiguchi, tesso no ori, the summer of the ubume, thriller, ubume, ubume no natsu, unreliable narrators, wrau lemon, yokai, youkai, zoku kousetsu hyaku monogatari
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